array handling in bash, cheat-sheet

# array handling in bash, cheat-sheet
# foo=() # declare foo
# echo ${#foo[@]} # length of foo
# foo=(${foo[@]} "bar") # add elemnt to foo
# echo ${foo[1]} # access element


Use an X.509 certificate for SSH Login


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An X.509 certificate contains a private and a public key. As such it is suitable for password-less login via SSH. However, as always with certificates and keys and all that powerful stuff the handling of it all is very clumsy. Kingsley just explained how to setup SSH with X.509 certificates. I will try to add the missing pieces here.

  1. If you do not have a X.509 certificate yet create one with an embedded WebID via the OpenLink YouID service. Make sure the details actually get saved in the last step, for example by posting an identity claim to your Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. This will make the YouID service persist your profile which in turn will result in your new WebID being dereferencable. Kingsley has some nice Linked data details on that in his post.
  2. Export the new certificate which should now be installed in your browser’s key…

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